The WM 3


It seems all I have thought about today are the West Memphis 3 being freed. I remember watching it when I was 15 and reading about it since. My heart aches for the whole situation. The deaths of the 3 boys and the conviction of the innocent. That they had to plea guilty so the state could save face and not be sued. How I would feel if my son was wrongly convicted, finally to be set free and hugging him for the first time in 18 yrs. Sure, the 3 may have been sketchy teens but where would we all be if we were judged on our actions during our youth? Holding the innocent responsible isn’t justice and keeping those men in jail just so it can be said that someone paid for the crimes is absurd. My thoughts….if they were guilty wouldn’t one of them have talked by now? Spilled the beans? They maintained their innocence for 18 yrs. A murder as horrible and gruesome as that would eventually break a person. Reading about how the whole situation went down, from investigating the crime to convicting the 3 makes me sick. As a criminal justice major I believe justice is #1 priority. I pray that those men can live now, sleep peacefully, and forgive those that wronged them.


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  1. Were your views different when it actually happened? Mine were. I thought they were guilty for YEARS.

    I remember watching the courtroom coverage with my dad. He would get mad and cuss them and talk about how horrible they were. That’s why I believed they were guilty. Because my dad was outspoken and preached their guilt to me.

    The lesson I learned is that I have to be very careful what I spout into the ears of my own child, to be wary of blowing up and throwing around unwarranted accusations in front of him, and to keep my stones to myself, since I really like my glass house.

    • They were different until we talked about them in a college Criminal Justice class and I realized how ridiculous it was that anyone could’ve found them guilty. They talk about Damien Echols and how strange he acted during the trial. Ya know, if I knew my ass was going to be nailed for something I didn’t do, no matter what I did or said, I’d probably act like a fool too.
      A great deal of the way I thought was based on my parents opinions, and that goes for things other than this case. My parents are very opinionated, conservative, etc….doesn’t make them bad people, but I am very different. I credit going away to a college where I didn’t know anyone for changing my opinions on a lot of things. Parenting has also made me aware of so many things that I was taught as a child that I do not want to pass on to my kids. I want to help form my kids to make their own judgements on things, that way they can have true passions and convictions. Nothing is finite in our house and everyone is allowed to have an opinion, even if its different.

      • I think that believing what you believe because your parents believe it is true of most school aged children. (Also, I seem to be alliterating an abnormal amount today.) Since we aren’t old enough to understand and form our own opinions, that happens naturally. But I agree. Moving out of the house and out into the world on my own was so different. I was seeing and dealing with things I’d never had to before and it was quite a wakeup call.

        While I love my parents dearly and am glad that they raised me and kept me alive and fed and clothed me and put up with all my crap, we don’t have the same beliefs. I want to foster an environment for my own child that allows them to form his own opnions. I hope I can give that to him, although I know it’s going to be hard being as opinionated (and right, haha) as I am.

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