To the one who made me a mommy…..


Emma Grace Strickland


Happy Birthday Mimi!! I can’t believe it has been 9 years since she first entered our lives and changed them forever. I remember holding Emma for the first time and being so overwhelmed with love for the tiny little person who had been growing in my belly for the last 10 months. We did not find out what we were having with Emma so she was a surprise and exactly what our hearts had hoped for. As I stared at her, for hours on end, I wondered what she would be like….her personality, her voice, her dreams and fears.

Emma is a force! She is strong-willed and stubborn and passionate and tender-hearted and loving and caring and bossy all in one. She is strong on the outside and vulnerable on the inside. She gets her feelings hurt easy but is the most forgiving person I have ever met…..she taught me how to forgive, which was always a huge deal for me. She ADORES her brothers! Her and Sam are soul mates and she just loves Luke. She can be mean as a snake one minute and sweet as sugar the next. She is smart and funny and has one of the best laughs EVER!

She is a daddy’s girl through and through and I know one day she will be my best friend. I hope that she knows that no matter what, she can always talk to James and I and be open and honest and never feel judged. That we will love her wholly as the person she is, not as who she thinks we want her to be. I hope she always follows her passions and dreams and convictions.

We love you Emma G!


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  1. Happy birthday, Emma! I remember sitting at the kitchen table with your mom & dad when they told us they were expecting. We miss them and wish we were close enough to get to know you better!

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