What I want my kids to know…..


I want to be their safe place…..the person they know they can talk to, about anything! I want them to know that I will never judge them and I will always love them.  I want them to know that I can be trusted to have their best interests at heart and to never make them feel like they have been betrayed, no matter how big or small the situation. I want them to know that I pray for them daily, hourly, and sometimes without ceasing. I want them to know they are appreciated for being exactly who they are. I will never go several days without speaking, or as we enter the future of technology, texting/emailing them. I will never withhold the words “I love you” because no matter what I do and the bottom line is that I ALWAYS will. I will never withhold affection. I want them to know that I believe in them, cherish them, adore them. I want them to understand forgiveness not only because I give it but because I ask for it. I want them to know that sometimes I am wrong,  and I know that I am, and acknowledging that does not make me weak, but in fact makes me very strong.  I want them to know that I will treat them and their siblings with respect and dignity and never be secretive or deceptive.  I want them to know we are unified, as a whole family. I want them to know that every single day of my life, every single breath I take, is done so with gratitude and thankfulness that I was chosen to be their mom.


Just my thoughts on a rainy Wednesday 🙂


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    • I was raised with parents who never said “I’m sorry”. I don’t know if it is a generational thing or if they think it made them weak or what. ALWAYS bothered me…especially when sometimes all I wanted to do was forgive them for treating me a certain way. To this day they think they are above apologies. I refuse to be that way.

  1. Maybe it is generational thing because my mom never says she is sorry either. She tends to just move on and act like everything is fine. Soooo frustrating!!

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