One of my goals…


One of my 2012 goals is to read at least 1 book a month. So far I’ve read one (James Patterson, You’ve Been Warned), finished one I started in the summer (Marian Keyes – Watermelon), and am on to my next conquest (The Sookie Stackhouse Series – Dead Until Dark). I LOVE to read and I am SO excited! I am going to try to post reviews on each book, just in case the 4 people following want to know :o).


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  1. Watermelon wasn’t one of my favorite books ever, but everyone says it’s THE book that started the Chick Lit genre, so I read it. Can’t wait to hear about what all you read!

    • Not one of my favorites either, I guess that’s why it took me so long to finish it. I’m hoping to write my review on it this weekend. Btw…I still have all your books. I need to finish ‘Gatecrasher’ (that’s a stop and go one for me also) then I’ll ship them back to you!

  2. So proud of you! I going through a book about every 2 weeks. It keeps me from stressing it allows my mind to shut off from everything that needs to be done. Let me know what books you are reading. I’ve read all the true blood books. I’m reading about 4 different series I have around 20 books at the house I want to read. There is a book you HAVE to read. Rachel let me borrow the book it’s about 1100 pages but I read it in about 3 days. It’s called The Passage one if the best read ever

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