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My surprise Valentine



I’m not big on surprises. Maybe it’s the control part of me, but I generally do not enjoy surprises. That all changed when I found out in June of 2010 that I would be having my 3rd baby! Emma and Sam were planned. With Emma, all we did was decide to try and BAM there she was. Sam was a little bit longer, 7 months or so. Luke….complete shocker! Well, honestly, we are adults and we know what could happen, but after having to try 7 months for Sam, we didn’t think it would be that easy. For one…we are a little bit older ;). But, as God would have it, and he truly knows what is in our hearts, he blessed us with our 3rd itty bitty and our 2nd little boy. From the moment I saw the positive test, I was ecstatic! I was at peace and that moment was when I really gave control of my life to God. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a control freak, anxious and fearful. At least I used to be. Since becoming pregnant with Luke, I haven’t had a single anxiety attack, my attitude has become more relaxed, and my view on the world has changed. What will be, will be. All we can do is pray, be thankful and grateful, and LIVE! So, when I say Luke changed my life and was absolutely the greatest surprise I EVER received….he most certainly is. Now this little guy who I have held in my arms for almost a year is turning 1! I can’t believe how fast it has gone! He is a true joy. Smiles constantly, laughs hysterically, loves his big sister and brother, and loves to snuggle. As we say in our house…Luke has made us awesome! While I am sad that I will never have another baby, that the experience of pregnancy and childbirth are behind me, I am so excited to watch this little guy grow and become the person he will be. I dream that he and Sam will be best friends, that he and Emma will share a sweet brother/sister bond. That the three of them will love each other wholly and unconditionally for the rest of their lives. I can’t wait to see his sleepy face on Valentines day morning and quietly sing ‘happy birthday’ to him. Happy Birthday Lucas William 🙂 you are ONE!!!